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Client Testimonial

"The 6P model is an invaluable way for a company of any size to review and improve its approach to business. The great thing about it is that it can be applied to any business problem or planning issue that you want to address. Even as a small business owner, I could immediately see the practical application of the model for several different aspects of my business. Yvonne's considerable business experience and acumen has clearly been brought to bear on developing the 6P model and any business owner could benefit from harnessing its results-driven benefits."

Michelle Hodgson, Key Words

It made me realise the challenges that face everyone particularly at this time, and it's easy to think you are the only one who is having to start again and launch a new career.
Indeed I think my challenges are more straight forward and easily resolvable when compared to some others.It gave me encouragement is how important marketing is to each business I thought the venue was first class, and your energy and passion for helping individuals to improve business performance came across very strongly.
Thank you for a very worthwhile day.

Stephen Baker, YellowTom

"YCCommercial's  6P business tool is a simplistic and highly effective way of understanding and articulating the problems confronting businesses and devising their possible solutions . Yvonne's  professionalism and energetic rapport with members of the Colne Valley Business Network at its recent meeting was critically acclaimed by all."

Alan Archer, Business Initiatives Manager, Kirklees Council

About us

YCCommercial provides business experts to help companies of all sizes compete in the current marketplace. With over 17 years' experience at senior levels, our team of experts prides itself in providing value for money and producing real results.

YCCommercial operates across the UK from our base in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.

Our strength lies in our professional team of business consultants and partners with specialist areas of expertise. We will work with you to support your new start-up, business growth and expansion plans; or help you build up your competitive edge; or help turn your business around.

The YCCommercial team also includes specialist consultants with extensive experience in:

  • Marketing, PR and Copywriting
  • Social Media and SEO
  • Web Design, Video and IT Support
  • HR and Staff Training
  • Accountancy, Bookkeeping and Invoicing
  • Virtual Secretarial Support
  • CRM Management

Our experts have worked with both SMEs and larger organisations to turn around their business and prepare them for growth.

For any further information or for a more in-depth discussion on the services we provide, please contact:

Yvonne Castle on 07974 218726


Yvonne Castle

Yvonne Castle has more than 17 years' experience in business at a senior level. She provides business services, consultancy and coaching, with a focus on helping individuals and companies attain business excellence.

Yvonne works in the private and public sectors, specialising in business turnaround, growth and improvement. Yvonne started out with a professional background in accountancy and audit before redirecting her career into organisational, business and people development.

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Here are some of the testimonials from Yvonne's last workshop:

“Found it really useful and thought provoking. I now have some more tools to use to put my goals and future plans into place.” Shirley Howie, Herbalife

“Focus on Purpose then a toolkit of the other P’s to make it happen!” Debbie Story, Sleigh and Story Chartered Accountants

“Well controlled and smooth delivery.” Robin Tones, Business Breakthrough Coaching

“Got me thinking about the Purpose and came up with my  new ideas.” Jackie Braddock, Forever Living

“Very good tool.  Was surprised how it was adaptable enough to apply to a one-person business as well as to use it with potential clients from a “People” perspective.”  Fiona Monk, Gecko HR

The “6P™ Model is extremely useful and could be adapted to any size of business issue.  It has left me with a lot of actions to take away and progress.”Sarah Smith, Access Selby, Selby Council

“Great group of people, just makes you think wider and outside the box.” Sue Smith, Halton Housing

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