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 Client testimonial

"After listening to Yvonne's 4sight talk at 4networking last week, here I am actually sitting down and taking the time to put into practice something that will make my business much easier to manage - after thinking about it for almost a year!! Yvonne made me realise the importance of setting targets and achieving goals - once I get my software package in place it will help me achieve 3 of the 6P's - Process, Performance and PR! Only another 3 to go! Thanks Yvonne, what an inspiring lady!"

Sue Coates, SW Property Ltd

Results using the 6P Model

Developed over many years working with a wide range of clients, our 6P Model™ for Business Excellence is a unique strategy for getting you the results you want, focusing on:


If you would like to arrange a preliminary discussion about how our 6P Model for Business excellence could improve your business performance, please call:

Yvonne Castle on 07974 218726


Our "People P" focuses on two major people elements – your staff and your customers.

Are your People performing to their full potential?

You have doubtless heard the phrase 'people are your most important asset', but if employees are not reaching their full potential it can be frustrating for both the individual and the business owner, especially in smaller businesses.

Our 6P model of business excellence recognises that people are the key to the efficiency and success of any organisation.

YCCommercial can work with you on a wide range of people-related issues that will benefit both the employees and the business itself. These include:

  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Team building
  • Leadership and management development
  • Facilitation and conflict resolution
  • Building confidence and improving performance
  • Managing changeRecruitment
  • Staff satisfaction surveys
  • 360° Appraisal



For a great business you need fantastic customers.

At YCCommercial, we pride ourselves in building long-term customer relationships. We have a very strong customer ethic in the company and believe that excellence has to be driven by the customer. We have an excellent track record in working with customers, finding out what they want and supporting organisations in using this information to provide the best services.

To ensure your business will continue to grow you need to be designing your business around their wants and needs. Customer feedback will tell you what you need to do for your business.

In challenging times, it is essential to maintain good customer relationships by keeping your customers happy and informed. If you don't provide a good service, they will soon look elsewhere. Retaining your current customers is a vital part of your business strategy and much more cost effective than seeking out new customers.

If you would like to know more about our value-for-money service and how it can improve the efficiency of the People internal and external to your business then please contact Yvonne Castle on 07974 218726.