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 Client testimonial

"My thoughts from Yvonne's presentation were that the questions from the 6P Model for business excellence followed on brilliantly. When I look down my answers to purpose, process, partnerships, my thoughts were a crystalisation of why I was at the event in the first place, which is meet like minded ladies and gents, to form relationships and build a business support network. I recognised that I am my business, and the skills I have now and the skills I plan to develop will be to support clients needs. PR is the vehicle in which I will present myself to potential partners and clients."

Amanda Seymour, Gilchrist Creative

Coaching using the 6P Model

Developed over many years working with a wide range of clients, our 6P Model™ for Business Excellence is a unique strategy for getting you the results you want, focusing on:


If you would like to arrange a preliminary discussion about how our corporate coaching could improve your business performance, please call:

Yvonne Castle on 07974 218726


Are your business Processes efficient and effective?

Efficient and effective processes are essentially what differentiates a business that works well in principle from one that actually does so in practice.

YCCommercial provides a value-for-money range of services that help businesses of all sizes deliver efficiency and effectiveness in what they do.

Our team of business experts can work with you to ensure that your processes are needs led and customer focused. In particular, we can help you with:

  • Management information reports
  • Profit and loss analysis
  • Efficient use of IT systems to manage your business processes
  • Managing your business risks
  • Effective debt management and collection
  • Processing your orders / invoices
  • Managing business projects
  • Maximising sales of 'products'


All of these aspects of running a business are essential to your success.

YCCommercial can also provide a critique of your self-assessment, support the preparation processes and ensure you have SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, resourced/realistic and timebound) improvement plans that will lead you towards business excellence.

If you would like to know more about our value-for-money service offering in relation to Process then please contact Yvonne Castle on 07974 218726.